What’s in a name?

July 20, 2012

Every item of clothing launched by Tier One bears a unique name, each one carefully chosen by the CEO in tribute to significant individuals – not just relatives, but all the bright young things who are behind the character, style and ethos of Tier One.

Whatever these individuals’ misdeeds, infamous traits, acts of heroism etc, they have each been immortalised through a relevant and symbolic design, and purchased by you – the most discerning British customer.

Over the coming weeks Tier One will reveal the stories behind each name for your interest, entertainment, and possibly even to assist in confirming which of the stylish collection belong in your own wardrobe. Quality assured, precision tailored, and with a background story – there is just room left for your effusive personality to complete the package and take the world by storm…

Look out as new designs join the ranks – with two new directors contending with the CEO for naming rights, who knows what adventures the future Tier One namesakes will contribute to the collection?

In the meantime, do let us know your favourites.  Do you prefer Lightfoot, Ferguson or Mineyko?