The History of Tier One

June 28, 2012

Tier One was conceived in Suffolk, in 2009, by  Tim Leach.  After initially proposing to become a city lawyer, Tim’s  legal aspirations were cut short, when a skiing accident put him out of  action for over a year in 2007, changing his perspectives on what he wanted to  do with his life.  Fast forward 5 years and Tier One is irrefutable  evidence that many dark clouds have silver linings.

Through an unrelenting passion to provide versatile and stylish clothing of the highest quality, Tim launched the initial Tier One clothing line in 2010.

The last couple of years have been truly exciting, and there have been  many people who have offered invaluable help and expertise.  Specific  thanks go to David Aspinall, whose keen eye for design has placed Tier  One in pole position; to Stephen Leach (Tim’s father), for not only his  expert legal advice, but his undoubted belief and support for the brand;  to Sophie Peers, her tenacity, drive and endless support in all  varieties of Tier One goodness; to Johnny Ferguson, for his number  crunching wizardry and to Kate Mineyko, whose copy writing skills helped  establish the brand.

There are many more, and you know who you  are, so thank you for all your help.  2012 has not only seen fantastic  new additions to our range, but has seen the Tier One staff force grow with the appointment of a new Director, Rob Isaacs, whose assistance  will help catapult Tier One into places that weren’t previously  possible.

Most importantly, a big thank you goes to all of Tier One’s  customers who love the ideals and temperament of the brand. They can  typically be found working their backsides off in the City during the  week.  Tier One knows however hard you work, there is always time to  enjoy yourself with friends and family.  And that’s where we fit in,  providing you with the seriously shrewd attire that allows you to do  exactly that.

Remember, keep striving for your goals, we’ll do our best to help you achieve it.  Enjoy the experience.